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Welcome Service Dealers.

Armstrong understands that the service industry must deliver quality service now, more than ever, as per the customer's individual needs. We are working with you - our service partners - to ensure your needs are addressed through collaboration and co-creation of value-added solutions.

Ease of Service
All Armstrong Products are designed and manufactured with the interests of the end user in mind. Product elements in need of repair and replacement are made accessible, and the product as a whole is designed to minimize both downtime and maintenance costs.
Key examples of this attitude are represented in the VIL split coupled and dualArm pumps. This split coupled design allows maintenance personnel to remove and replace the mechanical seal in less than fifteen minutes, without the requirement of specialized tools. The dual vertical pump solution provided by our dualArm allows maintenance staff to serve the requirements of building systems using one pump, while the second pump is shut down for maintenance.

Readily Available Parts & Service
Armstrong has developed a large network of parts and service dealers throughout North America. When repair and maintenance is required, replacement parts and on site service are readily available. Armstrong also provides expert technical support during business hours. For situations requiring customer service and support, Armstrong has a team of dedicated customer service representatives to answer questions and retrieve technical information. Staff are typically available via phone from 8:00 AM-6:00 PM EST, including most national and civic holidays.

Replacement Parts
The Replacement Parts Catalog includes cross section views for all our classic and current pumps. It also offers a complete listing of all replacement parts and their respective part numbers.

Online Order Tracking
Armstrong's online order tracking web site allows customers to check the status of any order at any time. Even after the order has shipped, the Armstrong online order tracking system allows you to connect with major carriers to learn the status of your shipment.

Seal Bearing Assemblies
by Armstrong contain an inter-changeable module that includes a pump shaft, sleeve bearing, copper sleeve and donut wicking system.

Contact your local Rep for more information.

At Armstrong we stand behind our products. Our global distribution network helps to resolve any problems quickly. Armstrong's warranty policy is among the best offered in the industry. Our policies are articulated in our terms and conditions and further elaborated in various communications to the market.

Design Envelope Innovation

DEArmstrong has developed a new approach to system sizing and component selection in HVAC systems. Our suite of Design Envelope products includes HVAC pumps, Pressure Booster Systems and Integrated Packaged Cooling Systems.

Each of these products provides an integrated, intelligent approach to HVAC systems and offers the benefits of the Armstrong Design Envelope as a new approach to equipment selections, and requirements in HVAC systems.

For more information on how the Design Envelope Selection methodology can help you in your projects click here

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