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Armstrong Booster Products >> dualPAK

Armstrong proudly presents the Series 6900 DualPak Booster. Offering the highest GPM per square foot of floorspace, Armstrong’s DualPak is the most compact duplex domestic water booster system available today!

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Armstrong Booster Products >> hydroPAK and quickPAK

Armstrong Pumps introduces the Series 6000 HYDROPAK line of packaged booster systems. Series 6000 HYDROPAK applications include commercial, high rise, industrial and other installations requiring a boost in water pressure. The Series 6000 HYDROPAK fulfills the need for an engineered, compact, ready to install and factory tested booster system. Responding to flow & pressure demands, the HYDROPAK is equipped with an autonomous, state of the art control system that provides uninterrupted, unattended pump operation in the most energy efficient way.

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Armstrong Booster Products >> VMSPak

Designed to provide a reliable supply of domestic water, the Armstrong VMSPak Booster System is compact, energy-efficient and easy to install. Contractors and Building Owners will appreciate the small footprint. Design Engineers will appreciate the versatility and range provided by the 12 available standard configurations.

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Armstrong Booster Products >> Sump & Sewage: Column Pumps

Series 5200 and 5240 sump and 5400 sewage are available in simplex and duplex column-type arrangements. They are designed to meet a wide range of medium and heavy duty industrial and commercial applications such as: waste water removal, unscreened sewage, condensate transfer, bilge water, and drainage runoff. Cast iron volutes, iron or bronze impellers, steel and stainless steel shafts provide reliable and efficient operation. A variety of accessories and options are available.

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Armstrong Booster Products >> Sump & Sewage: Submersible Pumps

The Armstrong 5300 Series family of submersible pumps has been discontinued and is no longer available. However, all related data and documentation are still available to download by selecting the links listed on the right hand side.

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Armstrong Booster Products >> Vertical Turbine

The versatile 5100 Series is easily serviced and covers a wide operating range. They are ideally suited to meet the requirements of commercial, municipal, and industrial markets. Vertical Turbine pumps are offered in product lubricated, and oil lubricated configurations, and are powered by either electric motors or diesel engines.

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Armstrong Booster Products >> Booster

Armstrong's worldwide experience in pump design and expertise in systems application provides the basis for selecting and packaging a comprehensive range of Pressure Boosting Pump Sets, from simple 2 pump sets to multiple pump installations of 3, 4 and even 6 pumps. Various combinations are available to provide total control for every system.

All sets are provided complete with comprehensive control packages to meet specific applications and are factory assembled and tested to ensure reliable and trouble free operation for the user.

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Armstrong Booster Products >> Pumps & Pumping Systems

Drainage Pumps
Drainage or water supply applications e.g. house/contractors' drainage, construction sites, sumps and for water containing suspended sand, mud and gravel.

Effluent and Waste Water Pumps
Series ‘TP’ compact cast iron pumps for effluent and waste water containing solids.

Cutter Pumps
Barracuda cutter pumps for high head waste water and sewage pumping.

Sewage and Waste Water Disposal Pumps
Series 'A' for sewage and waste water disposal, sewage pumping stations and treatment plants.

Sewage and Waste Water Disposal Units
For sewage and waste water disposal from sanitary installations below sewer levels. Tanks up to 1000 L volume with one or two submersible pumps.

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Armstrong Booster Products >> Hydropak HM

The Hydropak HM range of packaged water booster sets is specified to provide a fully packaged compact and high quality solution to your water problems where high efficiency and low noise are required.

Energy Recovery
Starpak HM sets are available with a wide range of WRC approved hydraulic accumulators. With the right size of accumulator fitted, pump energy can be recovered, reducing running costs.

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Armstrong Booster Products >> Hydropak IVS

The Hydropak IVS range of packaged water booster sets incorporates pump integrated frequency converters giving many advantages over fixed speed packages. The Hydropak IVS is specified where accurate pressure control is required coupled with energy efficient and low noise running, all in a very compact package

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