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Pullen Pumps is one of five major brands supported by Armstrong. Pullen Pumps has a long history of serving the HVAC industry, and many thousands of installations in the UK and around the world.

Armstrong has decades of experience manufacturing , servicing, refurbishing and replacing Pullen pump and booster sets.

Armstrong has the required in-depth knowledge to provide technical support and replacement parts for Pullen Pumps models including:

  • Hydropak
  • Response
  • Herald
  • Pullpress
  • Pullex

At the present time, the following legacy items remain available:

  • Pullen/Crane 50-160P (EFT504 etc)
  • Pullen/Crane 80-160P (EFT804 etc)
  • Pullen/Crane 50-200P (EFT510, 513)
  • Pullen/Crane 100-200P (EFT1010, 1013)
  • Pullen/Crane 80-200P (EFT810, 813)
  • Pullen/Crane 80-250P (EFT817, 820)

Spare parts and rotating assemblies for the Pullen SKP range of pumps


M Centripul 'A' Range Direct Drive Pumps - A202M
Pullen TB Centripul 'A' Range Pumps - A201M
TB Centripul 'A' Range Pumps - A201M
M Centripul 'B' Range Direct Drive Pumps - B202M
Pullen M Centripul 'B' Direct Drive Pumps - B202M
TB Centripul 'B' Range Pumps - B201M
Pullen TB Centripul 'B' Range Pumps - B201M
C Range Pumps Direct Drive - C202
Installation, Maintenance And Spares for Centripul 'C' Pumps - C203
T & TB Centripul 'C' Range Pumps - C201
Type CV Vertical Multistage Pumps - CV202
Duopul Mk II - DP201M
Type HSC Horizontal Split-Casing Pumps - HSC202
Type 'J' Inline Belt-Driven Pumps - J201
Closed Coupled Vertical Split Casing Type K - K201M
Close-Coupled Pumps Series KC - KC201
SC/SK Pipeline Pumps - SCK201
SCR Multi-Speed Canned-Rotor Pumps - SCR201
Pullen SG HWS Secondary Circulating Pumps - SG201
SG Pipeline Pumps - SG201
Canned Rotor Pumps Series SGC - SGC201
Series SK - SK0305
Series SKG - SKG0306
In-line Pumps Series VM and VMP - VM201
Series CP - Twin Belt-drive Centrifugal Pumps

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