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Holden Brooke is one of five major brands supported by Armstrong.  Holden Brooke has a long history of serving the HVAC industry, and many thousands of installations in the UK and around the world.

Armstrong has decades of experience manufacturing , servicing, refurbishing and replacing Holden Brooke Pumps and sets.

Armstrong has the required in-depth knowledge to provide technical support and replacement parts for Holden Brooke products including:

  • Starbloc
  • Starnorm
  • Thermaltrack
  • Starflex
  • Startwin
  • Starfix
  • Pressmatic
  • Starpak
  • Microstar
  • Selkan
  • Starkan

At the present time, limited supply of the following legacy units also remains available:

  • Holden and Brooke 50-160H Startwin
  • Holden and Brooke 50-125H Startwin
  • Holden and Brooke 50-250H Startwin
  • Holden and Brooke 80-160H Startwin
  • Holden and Brooke 100-200H Startwin
  • Holden and Brooke 100-180H Startwin (Baric TL100)


Condensate Receiver Sets MK II
HI Inverter Driven Booster Set
IVS Series - Intelligent Variable Speed Pumps
Microstar - A Second Generation Microprocessor
Microstar - Pressmatic MK II
Microstar - Pressmatic MK III
Midi - Pressmatic II
Midi-Pressmatic - Sealed System Pressurisation Sets
Midi-Pressmatic - Single and Dual-Sealed System Pressurisation Sets
Mini-Pressmatic - Sealed System Pressurisation Sets
Mini-Pressmatic - Single and Dual-Sealed System Pressurisation Sets
Mini-Pressmatic - Sealed System Pressurisation Set
Nitropress MKII - Heating and Chilled Water System Pressurisation Sets
Packaged Booster Sets V1
Packaged Booster Sets V2
Packaged Direct Transfer Pumping Sets
Packaged Fire Hydrant Pump Sets
Packged Hosereel Pump Sets MkII
Packaged Hydro-Pneumatic Booster Sets
Packaged Pump Sets - General Arrangement Drawings
Pressmatic IV - Sealed System Pressurisation Sets V1
Pressmatic IV - Sealed System Pressurisation Sets V2
Pressmatic V - Sealed System Pressurisation Units
Selkan MKII Glandless Circulators - Single and Twin Units
Star Short Vertical Pump
Starbloc - Horizontal Close Coupled End Suction Pump
Starbloc Starnorm
Srarfix - Belt Driven, In-Line Circulator
Starfix Twin
Starflex - Horizontal End Suction Belt Driven Pump
Starflex - Horizontal Belt Driven End Suction Pump
Starflo - Horizontal Axially Split Casing Pump
Starflo - Horizontal Split Casing Pumps
Starkan - Glandless Circulators - Single and Twin Units
Starline Dual Set - In-Line Standby Pumping Unit
Starline - In-Line Centrifugal Pump V1
Starline - In-Line Centrifugal Pump V2
Starline Startwin V1
Starline Startwin V2
Starline Startwin V3
Starmax - Progressive Cavity Pumps
Starnorm - Horizontal Direct Coupled End Section Pump
Starpak CH Booster Set
Starpak RVL Multipump Booster Sets
Starpak Starbloc Multipump Booster Sets
Starsub Sewage Pumps
Starsub Drainage Pumps
Starsub Pumps
Startwin In-Line Standby Pumping Unit V1
Startwin V2
Varistar - Variable Speed In-Line Pump

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